Rolex Rolex case difference

The color of the watch turned upside down. In fact, many watches movement and what changes, but the case and style in the constantly updated, preferences. Ordinary swiss replica watches case has the following kinds: for consumer demand, Rolex is mainly gold, gold-plated shell, gold ring shell, semi-steel watch. Gold shell and the above is different, in the upper shell surface welding K gold skin, from the top is a gold shell, from the side as yellow and white (actually it is two layers of silver, the bottom (including the bottom cover) is silver. And this kind of similar, but also gold-plated upper shell, it was replaced by gold skin, because too thin, the side can not see black and white, from the top is yellow.

Side and bottom are silver-white steel back shell, is the bottom cover made of stainless steel, shell frame made of copper, chrome-plated shell outside. Semi-steel replica watches uk cheap, but the use of shell coating gradually worn on the evening shell, exposing brass, affecting the appearance. All steel shell. Bottom cover and shell frame are stainless steel, with good resistance to cliff corrosion resistance, this case is divided into two kinds of polishing and grinding, are not chrome. Gold-plated shell is generally semi-steel shell, the bottom cover is stainless steel, shell frame is copper 0 shell plating in the surface layer of artificial gold or gold, the thickness of 20 emblem.

K gold shell in the international arena, pure gold for the 24K, 12K gold 50%, 61 gold 25%, the rest analogy. K gold watch is a high-end watches (mostly for the table-kun) the whole case made of K gold. Common are 9 K, 10K, 12K, 14K, 18K and other five. Why not pure gold? Because pure gold is soft, not wear. Gold in addition to gold, the rest of copper and zinc and other non-ferrous metals, the hardness is much higher than pure gold. K gold logo generally engraved in the back cover of the inside. There are two kinds of marking methods: one is marked in a box K number and percentage of gold, such as the core 585,18K head that 18K gold, 0.758 "

The other is marked with images "14K ,, such as women, said the first class of K gold, 10K gold trees that package. Gold-clad. Common in high-end rolex replica, the whole case with K gold foil wrapped. Rolex Oyster Perpetual Gold ring shell male form (narrow strip of steel is generally watch, only in the table glass at a welding) K gold skin, K gold components are 7K, 9K. 10K. 14K and so on. If the back cover is stainless steel shell. Gold thickness of 40 emblem, only the shell frame package of gold, known as the steel backpack gold 60 emblem, 80 emblem and several other.