Rolex watch spokesperson what?

The following is a list of Rolex sports spokesmen, rolex replica and actively participate in a variety of world sports events. In the sports world there are quite a number of world-class sports endorsements celebrities. Including golf star Adam Scott, the world's cool Mr. Lei Tiefu Goosen head, South Africa, professional golfers Trevor Immelman, 2010 PGA champion Martin Kemer, the Americans Tom Watson is the fifth British Open champion. Tiger Woods, golf's contemporary legend, the US golf legend Tiger Woods in January 1, 2012, officially became the Rolex spokesperson. This relationship is to pay tribute to Tiger Woods' talent and the impact of the past 15 years on the pitch. Tiger Woods in 1996 on the court after emerging, won a total of 16 Grand Slam events, the history of the second largest. He is also the largest player in the world for the most consecutive week. In addition to replica watches spokesman Nicklaus, he was the second to obtain three "career Grand Slam" players. Rolex and Woods signed in the hope that his future career with him forward.

Golf celebrity Adam Scott. Adam Scott's career began in 2000. Since then, the Australian began a prolific career path, for 180 weeks in the world's top ten golf list, and for the majority of fans left a lot of memorable win moments. In 2004, just 23 years old, he became the coronation PGA Tour players Championship youngest player, then also won the Tour Championship. In 2001, Scott became Rolex spokesman. Retief Goosen, the world's coolest coach, and two of the US Open titles at the top of the game, and the top of the European Tour money-list in 2001 and 2002, is recognized as the best of his contemporaries One of the golfer. Since 1995, his name has always been able to appear in the world's most important tour title list. Between 2001 and 2007, he was ranked in the top 10 of the World Golf Rankings for more than 250 weeks. Goosen from 2001 to become a Rolex spokesperson.

Trevor Immelman, under Gary Player, South African Pro Gamer Trevor Immelman won a great victory at the 2008 Masters ; 2010 PGA Championship, won the 2010 PGA Championship, Martin Kemer became second only to Bernard Langer (Bernhard Langer) after the second major event in the German championship golfers. Martin Kemer in 2005 to become a professional player, in 2010 won the European Ryder Cup (European Ryder Cup) team members. A week after winning the Ryder Cup, he won the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship in St Andrews. Phil Mickelson is one of the most gifted golfer. He has won four Grand Slam tournaments, including Augusta's three Masters, and he has won more than 40 PGA Tour titles. These results made him the top 30 winners in the PGA Tour. Mickelson often participate in well-known international events, such as the President Cup and Ryder Cup. He is a rare left-handed player. Mickelson's fame is after he won the US Amateur and the Phoenix Open.

The most stable golfer of the British Luke Donald. From 2004 onwards he represented the European Ryder Cup three times, each time the trophy back home. He entered the top 10 in the world of golf in 2006, and since then every year has a good performance. He is not satisfied with being part of the world's top players, setting himself to be the world's best golfer. In May 2011, he won the BMW PGA Championship, followed by Luke Donald to the top of the list and topped the European and American money list. American Tom Watson is the fifth British Open champion, he won a total of eight championships and 39 PGA Tour title, is recognized as the legend of the golf industry. Watson has won six PGA Player of the Year title, and in 1978 to 1982 world number one. Watson is considered one of the sport's longest-serving professional players, and in 2009 he was close to winning the 6th British Open title, a testament to that. In 2011, at the age of 61, he won the Evergreen PGA Championship, becoming the oldest player ever since the 1980 Evergreen Tour.

Gary Player, the most prolific golfer in history, has won the championship in golf history. He has won nine Grand Slam victories and nine Champions Tour victories, is recognized as one of the greatest players in golf history. In 1974 he entered the World Golf Hall of Fame. 60 years he was in six continents won 165 championship. With the extraordinary achievements of the sixties of the twentieth century, when he became a spokesman for Rolex and Arnold Palmer (Arnold Palmer) and Jack Nicklaus (Jack Nicklaus) known as the Big Three giants. Jack Nicklaus Jack Nicklaus is a master of golf Grand Slam, golf one of the greatest golfer. His list of winners in the 1960s and 1970s was stunning, winning 103 games in a professional golf tournament. This includes the Grand Slam record - 18 times. He and Arnold Palmer (Arnold Palmer) and Gary Player (Gary Player) between the field of battle and friendship under the field created the three giants of the world's amazing. Jack Nicklaus from the twentieth century since the sixties to wear rolex replica, and in 1995 became Rolex spokesman.

The most stable golfer Englishman Luke Donald, in the history of golf occupies a special position of Arnold Palmer (Arnold Palmer), the history of the championship to get the most golfer Gary Player , Jack Nicklaus, one of the world's greatest golfers are Rolex's spokesperson. Arnold Palmer (Arnold Palmer) in the history of golf occupy a special position. He is a natural player, won a lot of championships, with extraordinary charm, and in the sport's history played a pioneering role. As Rolex's first golf spokesperson, American Arnold Palmer since 1967 and Rolex established a relationship. His imaginative game, his strong personality and his elegance have greatly boosted the popularity of golf around the world.